RHYTHM GRILL is a small mobile sound system based in Asheville, N.C.

Chef and grillmaster D3J (D-Triple-J), aka Jr. James, aka Jim Gardner, is a veteran musician and radio deejay (WDNA, WXYC, WNCW) who selects the musical menu: reggae, soul, r&b, pop, rock, country, electronic, international–whatever fits the appetite of the party.

The Grill is NOT an ear-splitting deejay setup of the club-dancing or bad-wedding-reception sort.

It IS a small hi-fi customized into a grill–capable of tapping into a larger sound system when necessary.

We can cater your next party with the tunes (vinyl and digital) that will make your event a unique, happy, and memorable one. We will gladly take requests and/or work with you to customize the perfect playlist for your event.

Since 2008, the Rhythm Grill has fired up at private parties, schools, fundraisers, and other functions. References available upon request.

Already have a headliner booked or main entertainment option? Supplement your event with the Rhythm Grill, which can make a side porch, reception area, or adjacent room a lively additional gathering spot for your party.

If you think the Grill would be a perfect fit for your small party or get-together, email rhythmgrill [at] gmail.com or call 828-333-0429.

  • Want to hear a carefully curated menu of vintage tunes? FIRE UP THE GRILL
  • Want your guests to experience the novelty of food-related songs? FIRE UP THE GRILL
  • Want a quieter, less obnoxious deejay who still knows how to rock a crowd? FIRE UP THE GRILL
  • Want to set a congenial mood at your restaurant’s brunch or happy hour? FIRE UP THE GRILL



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